Brotherly love

Brian Feltner completes first 5K; brother Matt with him every step of the way
FIT Staff
Nov 2, 2013
FIT Challenger Brian Feltner ran across the finish line when he completed his first 5K on Sunday.
Yes, he was last with a time of 1:03, but he was just happy to finish.
“I even ran periodically,” he said, proudly.
Feltner brought his brother, Matt, for support.
“I am a little nervous, but that comes with anything,” Feltner said before the race at the Norwalk Reservoir.
Matt stayed with him the whole time. He is so proud of his brother’s weight-loss journey.
“It is great. I have been on him for a long time. I am a gym freak.” When Feltner started the FIT Challenge in July, he weighed 529 pounds. In four months, he has lost 73 pounds.
“I would have liked to lose lots more,” Feltner said.
But Feltner also started a factory job recently, which has affected his workout schedule at NOMS.
For November, he wants to get back in the gym with his trainer Shawn Zahel, who also came to the 5K on Sunday to support his mentee.
Zahel said Feltner is losing weight through healthy eating and walking. If he added in some circuits and strength, he could lose even more.
“I would like to, but I am working 70 hours per week,” Feltner said. “I get off at 2 a.m. and go to bed at 4 a.m. When I wake up at 11 a.m., it is time to work again.”
He also picks up a lot of overtime. “I like to work out, but I also like my paychecks. I have to go to work,” Feltner said.
Matt said when his brother asked him to do participate in the 5K with him, he didn’t hesitate.
“I said I would be there.”
Matt even offered to carry the 73 pounds of bricks in a backpack that signified how much Feltner has shed so far.
“I am more happy than he is,”
Matt said.