More than half ton lost since FIT Challenge beginning

This season is trailing the more successful contestants
Brandi Barhite
Nov 10, 2013
2009 (full year)
Ken Gipe-83 pounds (Bodi N Balance)
Kristin Gleis – 30 pounds (Weigh of Life,
Anytime Fitness)
2010 (full year)
Gary Mortus – 79 (Bodi N Balance)
Ellyn Clark- 54.6 (NOMS)
Annette Guerra – 58 (Anytime Fitness)
2011 (full year)
Jacob Mohr-89 (Bodi N Balance)
Troy Keegan- 61 (Anytime Fitness)
Natalie Johnson- 60 (NOMS)
2012 (Jan-June)
Craig Wessels- 71 (NOMS)
Carla Ontko- 31.5 (Bodi N Balance)
Derek Grant- 32.2 (Anytime Fitness)
2012 (July-Dec)
Steve Wilson-73 (Anytime Fitness)
Meg Chrislip-37 (YMCA)
Leah Collins-29 (NOMS)
Keisa White-35 (Bodi N Balance)
2013 (Jan-June)
Alan Furey-69 (Anytime Fitness)
Stephanie Strickfaden- 50 (The Gym)
Cole Cottier- 46.8 (NOMS)
Jeff Porter- 57.5 (Bodi N Balance)
Heather Chapman- 41 (Curves)
2013 (July-present)
Brian Feltner- 73 (NOMS)
Sharon Adler – 27(Norwalk Rec)
Nick Riedy- 5 (Health & Strength)
Chelsea Saylor– nothing lost (working out
on her own)