Riedy drops out of FIT Challenge

'I gave it my best effort'
Brandi Barhite
Dec 8, 2013
FIT Challenger Nick Riedy has decided to leave the contest.
This is the first time since the challenge started in 2009 that a contestant has quit.
He had lost 5 pounds since the season started July 1.
“After a long struggle attempting to balance my life with work, school and the FIT Challenge, I have come to realize that I am not able to do it all,” Riedy wrote in a message to the FIT Challenge. “I gave it my best effort, and my health and school work suffered because of it.”
Riedy went onto to write: “Over the past few weeks with just watching what I’m eating and getting proper rest, I already feel different. I haven’t given up on myself or my goal. However, I regret to say that continuing with the FIT Challenge is no longer possible for me. I want to thank FIT for this wonderful opportunity and will continue to come to activities that they throw. Thank you to everyone.”



Sometimes it's better to accept ourselves as we are than to get overly stressed trying to be something that we are not. You have wide bones and if you'll just keep on keeping on, some of the weight will disappear. I suggest not doing it in a public arena which only causes stress and that is why the weight won't leave. A man's got to know his limitations and there's no shame in your decision.

The Bizness

I completely disagree with you! Accepting yourself as you are is one of the worst things a person can do. Sure you should appreciate yourself but you should always be trying to improve yourself, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

The female empowerment group that things that woman should be happy about their bodies because they are "curvy" is something that bothers me. Curvy is one thing, but most of the time those woman are just fat and it isn't healthy. You do not hear anyone saying that an fat man is sexy because he has curves do you? People, do yourself and your families a favor and get active and eat less crap.


Oh no! Please reconsider Mr. Riedy! You will feel so good when this kicks in! Everyone just wants the best for you!

Erie Countian

Hopefully Mr. Riedy will eventually reach whatever goals he has set for himself. I know from personal experience it's hard, but it can be done, even if it takes a long, long time. I have tried hard and have lost over 60 pounds, but it has taken me several years. I do hope that the Register considers carefully with the next round of Fit Challengers! I'm sure there are some people... who have applied but didn't get chosen in the past..who would really like the opportunity to change their lives and who would be 100% committed, unlike 2 of the current challengers who can't seem to do it.