Adler relapses and then recommits

FIT Challenger gained 6 pounds on vacay
Brandi Barhite
Dec 21, 2013
FIT Challenger Sharon Adler has spent the past week trying to undo damage from her holiday trip to Florida.
She celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas with her family in Florida the first week of December — and gained 6 pounds.
Luckily, she quickly lost 4 pounds of the vacation weight when she returned. She plans to lose 5-8 pounds more by the end of the FIT Challenge on Dec. 31.
“I am going to keep going even after this because I know I need to lose a lot more,” Adler said.
Her goal was to lose 50 pounds, but now it looks like she will lose about 30.
A bike riding accident in October put an end to upper-body workouts, and she just recently was allowed to work on her lower half.
“It feels great to be moving again. Today, I was able to hold the top of the steering wheel,” she said Nov. 30. “Every week, I can see the progress of my arm. I go to therapy three times per week through
February, but it just depends on my progress.”
Her goal weight is 170 with no plans for less.
“I don’t want to go that low,” she said. “I am just a foodie. I was a size 18, and now I am a size 14 and if I get to a 12 that would be fine.”
Her trainer, Hannah Riley of the Norwalk Rec, said she has been helping Adler remain positive about what she can do.
“We have been focusing on healthy eating and showing her different things she can make that are healthy.”
Adler attended the craft show at the Rec Center with Riley recently, and people were so excited to meet the FIT Challenger.
“They have been talking about Sharon all the time and saying, “I really hope she recovers.”
The return to the gym was triumphant.
“We did the lower body, and that was pretty sweet since she was able to do something,” Riley said. “I do triathlons and I have seen people with one leg doing triathlons; I have seen people who are blind do triathlons. “You are like, 'What is your excuse? You don’t have one.' I really think that I have helped her understand that she can do plenty of things, even if it might not be exactly what she wants.”
Adler said she wants to get back to her pre-injury routine.
“I was so focused for the first two months. I didn’t do anything social. I worked at work, came home, worked out and I want to get back into that again because I want to get to that goal.”
Her friend, Teri Gerber, has been impressed by Adler’s dedication.
“She has been more committed that I thought she would be. She has always been my exercise buddy for walking and swimming … she took it to a whole different level.”
Adler said she went through some depression after her injury. It hurt her mentally not being able to stick with her routine.
“I think it is so exciting to see Sharon grow in who she is and her understanding of herself,” said friend Jackie Hamilton. “Sharon is understanding the wonderful
person she is through this all.”