Right time for Rotsinger

FIT Challenger hopes to make his journey a lesson for others
Brandi Barhite
Feb 1, 2014
Tim Rotsinger wants the FIT Challenge experience to be a lesson for his family and those who are following his journey.
The Catawba Island Club boat captain was initially concerned he might not get selected because he only needed to lose about 50 pounds.
But the FIT Challenge likes to include people with small and large goals, so after being selected Jan. 14, Rotsinger added “getting toned” to his wish list.
Losing 50 pounds will encourage those who just need to lose a little bit before they gain too much more, he said. Those who lose more will inspire another set of people.
“In my eyes, there are no losers,” Rotsinger said.
One of the main reasons the Castalia resident applied for the FIT Challenge is because he desperately wants to get off of his blood pressure medicine.
“That was the biggest kick in the butt for me. I was never really sick or anything. That was one of things that irritated me. I am not a medicine guy,” Rotsinger said, who just turned 50 this month.
He also wanted to be in the FIT Challenge so he could have a personal trainer — someone to hold him accountable.
Rotsinger is working with longtime FIT Challenge trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance in Port Clinton.
“Trevor explains everything. He backs everything up with some of his true life experiences. I am very comfortable with him and the gym.”
Initially, Rotsginer will work out three times per week. He has already begun to modify his eating habits and hopes that will make an impression on his 10-year-old daughter, Leighann, who is a picky eater.
“If you don’t teach them to put good food in their bodies, they will lose, too,” Rotsinger said.
So far, I have been really good with the diet. I haven’t strayed from it. I am not hungry. It has been good.”
He said his wife, Janet, who survived breast cancer, had already been paying attention to food choices. He hopes to build on her momentum.
“I can’t believe that he is doing this. It is giving him the incentive,” Janet said. “It has come at the right time, especially with him being on medication. Hopefully, this will be a move in the right direction