FIT Challenger wants to get healthy

Edie Walton says contest will 'force' her to do something for herself
Brandi Barhite
Feb 8, 2014
Sandusky sisters Edie Walton and Kathy McKillips both applied to the FIT Challenge.
It was Edie’s idea, but Kathy had been on a fit kick.
But they never mentioned that in
their applications.
With different last names and dozens of applications to wade through, Edie was chosen because she works at Fisher-Titus Medical Center and could easily work out at Norwalk Rec.
But there is no sister rivalry here — Kathy is continuing to try to get healthy alongside her sister.
“I will continue to work out! I hope her schedule allows us to work out together. We’ve walked a lot of miles together. Maybe this year we’ll get in a 5K,” McKillips said.
Edie wants this for  both of them.
“I am just not healthy,” she said. I have had high blood pressure. That runs in my family. My sister and my dad have it. I don’t have it right at the moment, and I am doing OK right now, but I have had it before, and I have been on medication for it.”
The 39-year-old needs to lose 50-60 pounds to be at a healthy BMI.
“I really need to tone up a lot; it isn’t pretty.”
She hopes that losing weight will make her a better match for her husband, who works out six days a week — although neither of them eats well, she said.
“I was pretty thin until I graduated. I went to college, I gained weight. I got a third-shift job, I gained weight. Every kid, I gained weight.”
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