Total transformation

FIT Challenge contestant Scott Webb changes lifestyle, attitude
Brandi Barhite
Mar 29, 2014
Scott Webb has lost almost 40 pounds since starting the FIT Challenge in mid-January.
He has done this in spite of his anemia, a knee problem and heart issues.
“My heart was beating too fast when I was  doing so much and not stopping and taking a little break,” Webb said. “I had to visit the ER two or three times because I couldn’t breathe. They haven’t figured it out and I have to get some follow-up visits.”
But losing weight is helping one of his health problems: borderline diabetes. 
“I feel good. I am down a pant size. The only thing is dinnertime and eating breakfast. I hate eating breakfast, but I will get used to it.”
When Webb, 26, applied to the FIT Challenge he said he needed help with his food. 
“I eat a lot of fast food and drink a lot of pop. I need help changing my diet and eating less of the junk foods and have a more balanced diet,” he wrote in his application essay.
Since starting the challenge, he is eating more protein and vegetables. His weakness is Chinese and pizza.
“I do have pizza here or there, but maybe one or two slices,” he said.
His trainer Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness in Huron wants this to become a lifestyle he can keep — and that will sometimes include junk food. 

Webb’s lifestyle overhaul also includes regular exercise, including planks, which he can now hold for 45 seconds. Workouts with his personal trainer invigorate him. 
“I was first nervous and now I am getting used to it. When I go in there, Ken is excited, and he makes me excited.”
Webb and Cutcher work out together twice a week. The rest of the time, Webb works out at night after his shift at Radio Shack. Webb is also a substitute teacher’s aide. 
“I am starting to feel lighter,” he said. “My pants are looser.”
Webb appreciates hearing from friends, family and co-workers about his progress in the FIT Challenge. 
“People have been supportive, talking to me and saying, ‘You look really good. Keep it up.’”



Yay for Scott! 40 lbs lost...That's terrific! Keep up the good work.