FIT Challenger says: 'I need to keep going'

Jen Gardin plans to tighten up her diet
Brandi Barhite
Apr 13, 2014
FIT Challenger Jen Gardin  says she is disappointed she has only lost  “1 miserable pound” since her last 
This puts her down 9 total  pounds since starting the FIT  Challenge in mid-January.
“The goal for April is to do  better. I would like to lose another  10 pounds at least. If I lost 10  inches, I would be happy with that,  too, but I don’t think that is going  to happen,” Gardin said.
She is thankful her trainer,  Shawn Zahel of NOMS, is encouraging her.
“ H e w a s v e r y h a p p y . H e  measures my hips and waist, and  I am down 5 inches. The muscle I  have gained is why I haven’t lost  that much this time around, he  said.”
Gardin said when she used  to put her hands at her side, she  formed a triangle. Now, they go  straight down.
“You don’t notice until it is  pointed out to you,” she said.
For April, she plans to “stay away from the bad stuff,” she said. “I  need to eat more salad. I need to  keep going.”
Her gym routine has not suffered.
“I have taken up spin pretty  regularly, every Thursday now.”
She loves spin because of how  many calories it burns.  “You don’t slow down, you don’t  stop, you have to keep going,” she  said.
So far, she is taking the half-hour  class with the hopes to get brave  enough to participate in the class  that is one hour and 15 minutes. 
“Shawn wanted me to get in  a class. He thought the group  environment would be good. I was  very, very nervous.”
The people in the class gave her  some advice.
“Whatever you do, don’t stop. You can slow down, you don’t have  to do the movements if you don’t  want to, but don’t stop.”
Her husband, Rob, has been a  huge supporter. He joined NOMS,  too.
“I have been wanting to work  out for a long time, and I was like,  ‘Why not?’” he said.
Her husband was surprised  when his wife wanted to be in the  public FIT Challenge. He is glad  she is finally putting herself first.  After all, “three kids got the best of  me,” she said. 
“The house has gone to hell  in a handbag,” Gardin said. “My  gym time is not my cleaning time  anymore. They have had to pick up  the dishes and do the laundry and  stuff.” 
Gardin likes that her husband  keeps her accountable when it  comes to going to the gym.
“He makes sure I get up in the  morning like on the weekends  when he gets home at 6 o clock in  the morning. He is like, ‘Let’s go!’”  They usually start out on the  treadmills and then go their 
separate ways. Both are impressed  with the gym.
“I like that there is lots of  different things to do. If I don’t feel  like doing one thing, I can move on  to do something else,” Gardin said.



Do not let the scale defeat you! Scales mean nothing, it is all on how you are feeling. Do your clothes feel better on you? You are doing great! Do not let this discourage you.