Fitness is a family affair

FIT Challenger brings her kids to a workout
Brandi Barhite
May 31, 2014
Edie Walton is down 29 pounds since starting the FIT  Challenge in mid-January.
Her goal is to lose 10-20  more by the July 25 finale. 
She also wants to keep working on making this a lifestyle change for herself and her Sandusky family.
“It would be nice to get everyone eating better, of  course,” Walton said. “They are all active because they are all in sports, but I haven’t been active with them. It would be nice to incorporate me into the picture, which 
I have been. I have been doing a lot more with the kids, tons more than what I used to. I am playing catch and playing basketball and kicking around the soccer ball with them.”
At times, Walton has struggled to make time for exercise. She can rarely think of a time she doesn’t feel tired. Exercising with her kids is the best option, which is why her trainer Hannah Riley of the Norwalk Rec  arranged a family workout at Beulah Beach in Vermillion.
Riley said training families is becoming her specialty. While helping one person get in shape is great, helping the whole family is important because the habits can become a lifestyle change for the household, 
which makes everyone more accountable, she said. 
Plus, mothers usually feel less guilty about taking time for themselves if the whole family is involved.
Walton is no exception.
The busy mother works in IT at Fisher-Titus Medical Center from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. so she can be home in time for her children’s afternoon sports. 
Her 11-year-old son, Tyler, plays baseball and basketball; 8-year-old Ava swims and plays softball; and 5-year-old Talon plays baseball and soccer.
On the weekends, her children’s sports continue. 
The family recently put 800 miles on their car traveling to and from sporting events. Being on the road so much has forced Walton to reevaluate her game day snacks, which now include protein bars and nuts. 
On the day of the FIT Challenge 5K, Walton had to leave immediately afterward for two games, although she did stay to receive her award. Walton was the first of the five FIT Challengers to  finish the race.
It was Walton’s first 5K. 
She was nervous about being able to run and breathe at the same time.
“I didn’t invite people in case something bad will happen,” she said, laughing.
One of the neatest aspects of the race for her was putting together a backpack that symbolized her weight loss. 
“I have that backpack with 30 pounds in it. It is extremely heavy,” she said.
Her goal is to tone up and lose a little more weight. She wants to continue to work to get her 26.6 BMI into a healthy range. 
“People are starting to notice,” she said. “I have muscle tone and I can see the muscles now. Even my husband said he can see the muscles in my shoulder, which were never there before. I have impressed 
myself even.”
While Walton is normally shy, she said the attention from the FIT Challenge has pushed her.
“It makes you do what needs to get done,” she said.
Walton believes this weight-loss journey will be a lifestyle change. Normally, she loses weight and gains it back — plus 5 more pounds.
“I did it the right way this time, and my husband, Christian, is staying on me since he always likes to work out.”
Her kids are enjoying her success, too.
“Are you proud of me?” she asked.
“Yeah!” they said.