Feltner knows that 500 pounds isn't good for him

'Just getting to my size, normal everyday things are getting a little bit hard.'
Brandi Barhite
Jul 9, 2013
Brian Feltner is the first FIT Challenge contestant who couldn’t be weighed on a regular scale.
At more than a quarter of a ton, Feltner stepped on an industrial scale at Akro-Mils.
It read 529 pounds.
“I don’t feel my weight. I don’t feel as big as I am now, but I know that soon enough, 500 pounds isn’t good for me,” Feltner said.
“Just getting to my size, normal everyday things are getting a little bit hard.”
The 29-year-old has always wanted to lose weight; he has always talked about it.
He has three brothers. Two are skinny; the other is a college baseball player.
And then there is him.
“I was always the chubby kid. I played football through high school. After high school, I was little over 300 pounds,” said the bouncer at Daly’s Pub.
He gained some weight as a factory worker, but walked most of his shift so he stayed within the 300-range.
When he opened Feltner’s Flippin’ Pizza in Marblehead, he gained more than 100 pounds eating pizza and bread all day.
Feltner hopes that working out at NOMS and learning to eat right will help him lose 150 pounds in the next six months of the FIT
His ultimate goal is to be in the high 200s. At 6 feet 4 inches, Feltner doesn’t want to be skinny; he wants to be healthy.
“I am going to quit talking about it and just do it.”
Brian’s stats
WEIGHT: 529 pounds
WAIST: 73 inches
HIP: 73.5 inches
CHEST: 67 inches
BMI: 66.1