‘Having people watch is going to give me the drive’

Riedy was eating whatever he wanted before.
Brandi Barhite
Jul 23, 2013

Sandusky resident Nick Riedy began his weight-loss journey three months before joining the

FIT Challenge because his scale scared him.

“I got on the scale and I was 305 pounds. I am only 25 years old, and

305 pounds is a little outrageous at only 5 feet, 7 inches,” Riedy said.

“I told myself always, ‘I will never get to 300 pounds, I will never get to 300 pounds.’ When I got on the scale and noticed I was, I was like, ‘We need to make a big adjustment in my lifestyle.’”

Riedy was eating whenever and whatever he wanted. He would come home from work at Kasper Buick and would play games. He was being lazy.

On his own, he started to eat better and exercise a little. He cut out his daily habit of drinking two 20-ounce Mountain Dew sodas. He started counting calories. He eliminated fast food.

He lost 30 pounds, but gained back 10.

“The things I have done so far have helped, but I need help. There is so much contradictory information on the Web,” Riedy said. “I have taken bits and pieces from everywhere. I need someone with the knowledge and the will to drive me to do it.”

When Riedy was chosen for the FIT Challenge in July, he began working out with personal trainer Fred Palomo of Health & Strength Gym in Sandusky.

Palomo is retired military and has the “drive” Riedy needs.

Palomo said it is realistic for Riedy to lose 60 pounds in the next six months.

Eventually, Riedy would like to be down to 200 pounds.

The support of the gym will help Riedy achieve his goals, Palomo said. The members will cheer him on. The media attention will be good, too.

“Having people watch is going to give me the drive to do it. If you don’t do it, you have failed and everyone hasseen you fail,” Riedy said.