'It is time to take care of me'

FIT Challenger Sharon Adler stops worrying about her house, starts worrying about herself.
Brandi Barhite
Jul 30, 2013
FIT Challenger Sharon Adler is making the FIT Challenge about herself.
The 52-year-old has spent years going to work, coming home and caring for her family.
Now that her children are grown, she and her husband, Bryan, are making a lifestyle change.
 “All of my children are in their careers; I have the time to really invest,” Adler said. “I can do it after work. I am not running to school functions.”
The Huron resident wants to lose 55 pounds to get where she was when she got remarried 10 years ago.
At the time, she thought she was overweight. Now that she is a size 16 she realizes that a small size 10 was great.
Between her and her husband, they have five children and a boy who lives with them. They have found themselves going out to eat more because it is just the two of them.
“I don’t want to quit doing that, but we need to make better choices,” Bryan said.
The couple also needs to quit indulging in nighttime snacks.
Adler never ate ice cream before bed until she met Bryan.
“I am stress-eater. I am a Type-A personality. I am neat freak and I am high energy about everything,” she said.
But in her 50s, she has slowed down a bit. This past winter, she came home and slept after her shift as a social worker at Mercy Hospital in Lorain.
“I do like to work out and exercise because I do have a lot of energy.”
One philosophy she plans to adopt is: “Don’t make food the enemy.”
She also needs to keep putting herself first. Her adult son recently asked his mom why she had to text or call him every day.
Adler said that is what she does. She always worries about other people. Plus, she worries about her house being perfect.
That is ending.
“It is time to take care of me,” she said.