Saylor losing inches, not pounds

Dispatcher struggles to stick to her meal plan
Brandi Barhite
Aug 17, 2013

FIT Challenger Chelsea Saylor has lost 6 inches since she started the FIT Challenge on July 1.

But she hasn’t lost any actual weight. She has gained 2 pounds.

Following her meal plan has been her downfall.

“It is very difficult,” Saylor said. “I am not a morning person and I am not a breakfast person, and they

want us to eat breakfast before we work out.”

The 25-year-old dispatcher is following Curves Complete.

Her only “free” foods are vegetables, she said.

She can have fruit with her cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and oatmeal.

When her brother and his family came to visit her,

she ended up eating a lot of pizza and hamburgers.

“I haven’t lost any weight,” she said, and started to cry.

FIT Challenger Sharon Adler consoled her.

“It is all right. It is hard,” she said.

But Saylor does like to work out, which has helped her lose 6 inches.

“The workouts are fun. It is different not to have a normal gym,” she said. “We don’t have treadmills,

ellipticals or medicine balls. We have air-pressured machines that provide the

resistance and the little step pads in between.”

Saylor uses MyFitnessPal to supplement the help she is getting at Curves in Perkins Township.

“AMVETS is not on there, obviously, and I go there,” she said. “There is nothing similar to what I

am getting like tuna salad stuffed tomatoes. I have the option of making my own meals and getting as close as possible, but you don’t know what they are putting in the chicken and tuna salad.”

This past month was also emotional because her boyfriend, Greg Faugh, started a trucking job that

puts him on the road for days at a time.

Saylor plans to do better in August. A recent blog noted her enthusiasm.

“I think that the key to my sticking to the meal

plan is picking one (or two) main meals for dinner and making enough of that in the beginning of the week so I have meals throughout the week,” she said.