Adler pushes herself to lose more weight

Less pain from fibromyalgia has been best gift.
Brandi Barhite
Aug 31, 2013
Sharon Adler said the FIT Challenge has been “more than fabulous.”
“I am so motivated. I have been exercising myself to death, more than I ever have. I am surprised that I haven’t lost more. My whole life has changed.”
Adler is down 19 pounds since starting the challenge on July 1.
“It is all about me. That is all I do. Work, eat and exercise.”
Adler loves the exercise part because she is high-strung and likes to expend her energy.
She has been biking excessively, sometimes for 20 miles or more.
“The biking is good. I started jogging a little bit, which I have never been able to do.”
Adler said she is amazed at how many calories are in her favorite foods now that she is actually checking. She has eliminated a lot of carbs, especially her favorite: bread.
She is eating six meals a day, focusing on filling her stomach with protein and fruit and vegetables.
“The whole hospital is involved. I work on three different floors. I am even motivating other people it seems like.”
Adler is a social worker at Mercy Hospital in Lorain. When she comes home from work, she has a snack and then goes to work out at the Norwalk Rec.
“My children have been wonderful. My mom says that once I get under 200 pounds, she will buy me a new pair of running shoes.”
One of her biggest motivations has been the change in her fibromyalgia.
“I have to say that my fibromyalgia has been a night-and- day difference. I can’t believe how food really affects your body. I have gone to specialists, I have had
shots and I have gone to therapy, and nothing like this.”
Adler’s goal is to continue to lose 10 pounds per month.
Her out-of-town friend, Anita Bernado, came to visit her in July and was impressed with her dedication.
The two had been talking on the phone before Adler was chosen for the FIT Challenge. They said that accountability is the best way to lose weight. Thirty minutes later,
Adler found out she was chosen to be in the FIT Challenge, where she would be accountable to her trainer — and the public.
“I am so proud of her,” Bernado said. “I know she has battled. She has been very disciplined. When she puts her mind to something, she can do it.”