Rosie loses 10 pounds, still has 30 to go.

97lb dog is on her way to becoming fit thanks to dog pound and constant walking.
Jason Werling
Jun 7, 2013

Provided by Andria and Shelly at the Erie County Dog Pound

Rosie came to us as an owner turn-in on April 24, 2013. We received a telephone call at our office that Rosie’s owners were down sizing and they just could not take her with them because there was no room. Their other dogs had been placed with no problem but “Rosie” just could not find a home. When the owners came in to relinquish “Rosie” we quickly realized why she was still with the family and it was her weight.
We took Rosie into Firelands Animal Hospital just one day after her arrival to have her checked out. She weighed in at 97.3 lbs, which is highly over weight and trouble on her bones she needs to loose 30 lbs to be at a healthier weight. Other than that Rosie appears to be in excellent condition at 7 years old. Pet Supply Plus donated a large amount of diet food for the beginning stages of her journey to weight loss.
With the help of the public (volunteer walkers) and employees from Erie County; Rosie has been able to walk in short spurts around the building in the beginning to walking just inside the cemetery regularly. On May 1, 2013 just 5 days with us Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital provided us with their services during this process and weighed  “Rosie” at 95.5 lbs, on May 10th she was at 92.9 lbs., May 17th 91.3 lbs., and at our last weigh-in May 29th she weighed an incredible 88.2 lbs. The weight that she has lost has allowed her to get up faster (not using a rug for support that much) and not being too shy of coming in and out of the vehicles (using a ramp; she broke one twice).
This incredible journey that we have all here at the pound have been on with Rosie has been truly wonderful and remarkable all at the same time. She would prefer to be in a home that has very little steps, no smaller children and someone that enjoys taking walks. We are taking applications to determine who would be a perfect fit for her.
We would like to thank Pet Supply Plus for all their donations that they have been providing us over the years, Firelands Animal Hospital for their Veterinary care that they provided to our furry friends, Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital for providing us with their services each week and Critter Croft Sandusky for providing us with their scale for a last minute weigh-in.