3 tips for a healthy kitchen makeover

If you’re struggling with making good food choices, perhaps it’s time for a kitchen makeover. In fact, the arrangement of your kitchen can affect the food choices you make, and you can actually arrange your food in a manner that will make you more likely to eat healthy. It’s all about presentation!
Dec 9, 2012

Did you ever notice how the brand-name, sugary foods always seem to be right at eye level in the grocery store? Food marketers pay a lot of money to put their product there. When it’s staring you in the face, tempting you, you’re more likely to buy it.

Well, it works, so let’s take this concept and apply it to your kitchen, except in reverse.  Use these three tips to give your kitchen a makeover that will make healthy food more appealing and healthy choices easier to make.

1. Make the pantry boring. When looking for something to eat, out of habit, most people gravitate toward the pantry, the place with all the salty, crunchy and sweet stuff. Think about it: The pantry is the place where surprises, quick fixes and carbs live. The fresh, unprocessed food goes in the refrigerator. So, let’s redirect traffic to the fridge. Make the pantry boring. Continually stock up on the same things, and keep them in the same place where your family knows to look for them. The healthier options go at eye level, and the less healthy options get put up, away and out of sight (if you don’t just throw them away all together). Some examples of healthy pantry staples include: packets of raw nuts, high-protein cereal, oatmeal, high-quality protein bars, dried fruit, Wasa crackers, protein powders, instant sugar-free cocoa, whole grain cereal, canned soups/beans, instant pre-cooked brown rice and bags of plain microwave popcorn.

2. Repackage your food. Anything bought in bulk must be repackaged into individual serving sizes. When we eat out of large bags or containers, we often lose track of how much we actually consume. So, nothing stays in the original container. This way, you will avoid mindless eating.

3. Put the healthy, grab-and-go food at eye level. When we’re hungry, we automatically choose whatever looks good and takes the least amount of prep time. Think like a marketer and showcase your healthy food. Put it at eye level, and make it ready to eat. As soon as you unload your groceries, wash, dry, cut and display fruit and veggies in clear, plastic containers at eye level. Do the same with lean protein: peel hard-boiled eggs and store them in plastic bags, and keep packets of tuna readily available. Avoid the “crisper” drawer at all costs! When food goes in that drawer, it ends up rotting before you even know it’s there. When you make healthy food more appealing, you’ll make better choices, stick to your healthy regimen and start forming healthier habits. Before you know it, you’ll actually begin to prefer healthy food over junk!


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