Furey needs to clean up the way he eats

Jan 14, 2013

As the second week of the FIT Challenge comes to a close, I find myself feeling more frustrated than I did last week.
The reason for my frustration is I am not seeing the results I would like or expect. Most people talk about dropping a bunch of weight right when they get started, but after a nice loss the first week, my weight isn’t continuing to drop at the same pace. I was hoping for a large drop the first month, but every time I step on the scale and nothing has happened, that goal seems harder to achieve.
I believe my frustration is being caused because of my eating habits. While I am using My Fitness Pal to track calories, proteins, sugars, etc., I am still not always eating the best types of food.
This week started out well with salads, salmon, chicken, and fruits and vegetables.  It ended with pizza for dinner one night, a burger from a fast food chain another, and too many snack-type foods. If I am going to achieve my goals, I need to clean up the way I eat.
The exercise part of the week went fairly well. My Jan. 7 workout was hampered a bit as I experienced some dizziness while completing my circuit and my time on the treadmill. This was due to a lack of calories before the workout, and Wednesday was much better because I ate a bigger lunch.
I spent Tuesday playing racquetball at the Ernsthausen Rec Center in Norwalk, while Thursday was at home on my treadmill. Friday was basketball with co-workers in our school gym, although running up and down on our concrete floor tweaked my foot a bit, forcing me to push my Saturday workout at Anytime Fitness to Sunday.
I was featured in Tuesday’s Sandusky Register and Norwalk Reflector, and I received a lot of support from people who saw it. My former boss Joe Centers posted a few words of encouragement on my blog, and I received a surprising email from someone I know from working on a levy campaign last fall.
League Elementary Principal Adam Kreischer sent a message to encourage me to stick with the program and reminded me to be mentally tough. He added, “It really takes some willpower and making time in your schedule to do some sort of workout.”
Knowing that he was able get himself in shape through diet and exercise, while juggling work and family, will definitely push me harder and make me even more committed to reaching my goals! Thanks Adam!