Furey avoids treats from his students

Jan 21, 2013

I learned a few things about myself this past week.
First, I learned that my schedule is going to be a lot busier for the next several months.  I am currently finishing my master’s degree. After looking over the coursework for a few of my classes, finding extra time is going to be almost impossible. I now must drive to Elyria once a week for a night class, meaning I had to move one of my workouts with Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness to another day. I had been using Thursday nights as a break, but now I will be making my way to the gym.
Second, I learned I am able to control and watch what I eat, when I put my mind to it. Examples this past week included ordering a grilled chicken salad, with a 45-calorie dressing, for lunch Friday instead of a sub. I ordered lightly-grilled Ahi tuna with mixed vegetables and a potato instead of a juicy steak and fries from Red Gables.
I also passed on eating several birthday treats from other students in the building. This may be the hardest part of the lifestyle change I am making. It seems students are celebrating birthdays every day, and many times the students’ parents send in extra treats. The student walks these treats around and offers them to other teachers. Luckily my students know I am on a diet and remind me not to eat the cupcakes and cookies!
I also had a student bring me three delicious-looking donuts from House of Donuts. Even though I am a big fan of chocolate-covered cream sticks, I was able to pass them off to other teachers in the building. I really wanted to eat them!
Third, I learned that I am building up endurance and stamina. When I was featured two weeks back, my trainer wrote that I was “huffing and puffing” after just a few minutes on an elliptical machine. On Saturday I hopped on my treadmill at home and ran 19 minutes out of 32 total, including 12 minutes straight. My lungs were not burning and my legs felt great! I am getting comfortable on the treadmill and I now actually look forward to running.
Fourth, and finally, I am a bit crazy. I decided a great way to challenge myself would be to run in the Warrior Dash on June 1 in Butler, Ohio. My friend Bill had the idea, and I convinced my father-in-law Dean to run beside me. My brother-in-law Aj. will also be running in Butler that day, so it should be a fun, tiring and muddy experience!