Furey feels uplifted by trainer, friend

Jan 28, 2013

As I get ready to close out my first month of the FIT Challenge, I find myself disappointed with my recent effort.
This past week started out well, with a good cardio workout on Monday, followed by racquetball and circuit training with Ken Cutcher at Anytime Fitness on Tuesday.
I’ve been feeling really good with my cardio routines as I am running farther without losing my breath immediately. I am confident that I am heading in the right direction for the Warrior Dash I signed up for June 1.
The week took a turn for the worse in the middle of the week. I left work Wednesday feeling physically, emotionally and mentally drained. This carried over into Thursday and Friday, and pretty soon I had not worked out for three straight days. My former self would be fine with that, but the new me cannot be fine with my lazy choices.
If I was not a part of this challenge I truly believe I would have quit working out and started pigging out. However, having a trainer and a lot of friends who know what you are trying to accomplish is enough to push anyone back to the gym.
Ken checked up on me Friday night. When I told him how I was feeling he reminded me I was a fighter and that I would pull through whatever was thrown at me.
He also said to not waste energy on things I cannot change and to focus on the task at hand, which is working out and staying on my diet. Knowing that he cared enough to check on me while he was not working reminded me how lucky I am to be working with him during this challenge.

I also received a card in the mail this week that brought a tear to my eye. Richard Russell, a former coworker and current friend, took the time to send me a note. The card had a picture of a little boy trying to lift a very heavy weight, and the inside read “Amazing things can happen...”
The touching part of the card was the message he wrote. He told me I had courage for doing this in the public eye and he knew I had the tenacity to see it through, among other things. It was a real pick-me-up!
A simple text and a touching card. Two seemingly minor things that lifted up my spirits and pushed me back to the gym and the treadmill. Knowing how this helped makes me want to pay it forward, and I hope it encourages you to do the same to your friends and family.