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Furey disappointed in first FIT Challenge

Feb 11, 2013


Saturday was an exciting day for all of the FIT Challenge contestants. We had our first FIT Challenge physical challenge at Bodi n  Balance in Port Clinton.


As a normally-competitive person, I began to get a bit nervous and excited the night before. Many thoughts ran through my head as I tried figure out what type of activities we were going to do. I had heard it might be a rowing competition, something I had no experience doing.


When I arrived and spoke with the other contestants, I realized no one knew what we were going to do, not even Jeff Porter, the contestant who works out at Bodi n Balance.

Our competition consisted of rowing, a core activity, and a strength activity. We also found out we were going to have teammates. The lead trainer at the gym quickly explained the three activities we were going to do, then allowed us a practice on each one.


The rowing was easier than I thought, and I quickly finished that aspect of it. Then I moved on to crunches using a Bosu Balance ball. I practiced my form so I could get the most number of reps when I started competing for real. Then I practiced lunges using a Bosu ball again. I was not quite sure if I was doing them correctly, so I got some instruction from my trainer Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness on doing them correctly. I was all set to give the next three rounds my best!


Unfortunately, for the next three rounds the only part that stayed the same was the rowing. New activities were added and I was given no time to try them. Then I discovered no one was counting my reps on the Bosu ball activities. Some teams were filled with trainers, while others had children rowing for them. It was all very disorganized and confusing. It was not what I expected for a FIT Challenge competition.


I gave it my all and did my best. I was dripping with sweat when all was finished. I am proud of my effort. I told Ken I had some issues doing some of the activities, and he promised we would try those this week.


It was great to see everyone on Saturday with their support teams. Many competitors had family and friends there, and many had supportive fans giving them encouragement. I was fortunate to have my wife Sarah, my Mom and Dad, and my trainer Ken and his wife Joan. It was great to hear them cheer me on as I did each activity.