Furey wishes the pounds would drop faster

Feb 18, 2013


I do not have much news to report this week.


My workouts with Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness went pretty well. We met in the evening on Tuesday and in the morning on Friday and Sunday. I did my own cardio routines at home on the other days, so it was a very good week.


My Friday workout was interesting. I got to Anytime Fitness in Norwalk early and did my cardio on the treadmill before working out with Ken. I was able to complete 2 miles in 24:10, not too shabby considering the five-minute walking warm-up I did first.


However, I paid for it during my circuit training as I did not have much energy to complete all the activities I had to do. Ken said it didn’t help that I skipped breakfast and came to the gym on an empty stomach.


That got me thinking as I had eaten dinner early on Thursday, then worked out with my friend Bill at his house. That meant I did a P90X routine, 30 minutes of cardio and another strength circuit in a 15 hour span without eating anything. Not the smartest thing I could have done! Next time I’ll make sure to eat something.


I am feeling better every day and I have more energy now than when I started this challenge. My arms feel stronger and my endurance is getting better. I am working hard and have been mostly pleased with the results. I just wish the scale would show the pounds dropping off a bit faster.


I received a lot of nice compliments from people around town and at work after my second story ran on Tuesday. I am aiming to be down 40 pounds the next time I am featured in the paper in March.


Have a great week everyone!


Jason Werling

A few times up and down the basketball court this week should help with your goal.