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Furey runs 3.7 miles without walking

FIT Staff
Apr 1, 2013

I spent this past week on Spring Break, and that meant I had extra time to be in the gym!

My personal trainer Ken Cutcher  and I worked out a few times during the week, and I attended one of his TRX  classes. I did workouts that included super sets, and got in as much cardiovascular work as I could. I swam at the Norwalk Rec. Center one day and ran outside on Saturday.

The run outside was the best part of my week. I’ve always wanted to be a runner, but never with too much success. My wife, Sarah, and I went to Carey, Ohio,  to visit her parents and I asked my mother-in-law Nancy to run with me. My in-laws Dean and Nancy are runners. They’ve run marathons. They routinely run 5ks, 10ks, etc. They coach cross-country. They used to coach track.

We headed to run their country block - a 3.7 mile long block! Nancy and Sarah allowed me to set the pace early and off we went. Sarah and Nancy made it to the 1.6 mile mark before Sarah took a walking break. She has a knee issue because of a spinning class she took a long time ago.

I kept running and went out ahead of them. I made it past 2 miles, then 3 miles, then knew I was close to the finish line so I kept running. I ran the entire 3.7 miles in a little more than 39 minutes. Not the fastest time on Earth, but I did the whole thing without walking. I am hoping this progress will soon allow me to shed my “runner trapped in a fat guy’s body” moniker!

I have reached the halfway point of this competition. I am mostly pleased with my progress. I am down 35 pounds, halfway to my original goal of 70 pounds in six months.  I wish I had lost more in the first three months, but I have hit a few plateaus along the way. Friends are astonished when I tell them I haven’t lost any weight in a week or so, as many can see the changes.

I’ve also learned one other thing about myself - I am a scale watcher! I love getting on the scale to see how much I’ve lost (or not lost). It’s bad, however, that I get on the scale multiple times a day. I am driving myself crazy trying to get this weight to come off.

So, I’ve decided I am going to weigh myself April 1 in the morning and not again until April 8. Maybe then I can focus on something other than a number.


Estrella Damm