Furey: 'I’ve gone almost a month now without losing a pound'

FIT Staff
Apr 8, 2013

This past week I continued to make great strides in my running; however, I am still stuck on the same number on the scale.

I decided it would be ok to weigh myself Sunday morning. Unfortunately for me, after working out and eating right all week, the scale did not move at all during the week. Maybe it fluctuated throughout the week, but Sunday morning was the same as last Monday morning.

I am very frustrated with this process right now. While the first two and half months saw nice weight drops each week, I’ve gone almost a month now without losing a pound.

I am terrified that I am going to weigh in for my next monthly feature and be the same weight I was five weeks earlier. It’s frustrating to think I am eating healthy and exercising regularly, yet I can’t lose a pound!

It’s also frustrating because I feel better and people keep telling me I look better. I even had someone approach me at the gym and tell me I look a lot better than the stats in the paper. She couldn’t believe I hadn’t lost more weight. Family members and friends are telling me the same thing, and they see me every day.

As for the exercise I have really taken my running to the next level. I’ve been mixing long runs of 3 to 4 miles with interval training. In the past week I ran 3.7 miles in 39 minutes, then ran 2 miles in 21:10. I mixed in some interval training, running short distances at a faster pace with walking breaks in between. 

On Saturday I ran 3.1 miles my neighborhood in the fastest time I have ever run that distance. The first mile was 9:58, followed by a 9:53 mile. The third mile slowed to a 10:32 pace, mainly because someone hooked me up to a piano! I ran the last .1 in :55 seconds for a total time of 31:18.

I feel confident that I will do well in my first 5K of the year Sunday in Fostoria. As long as I don’t go out too fast I should accomplish my goal of finishing under 31 minutes.

This week I am going to focus on improving every aspect of my life and see if I can get that darn scale to show me some love!



Allen, this is Jacob from Bodi N Balance. Yes, go your own pace at the beginning of the race your adrenaline will be pumping its very exciting but keep your head in the game worry about you and your goals(which I'm sure you'll reach) not what everyone else is doing. Take some music with you with you Rock it out and keep your mind clear. Running is a metal game. Keep up the solid work.

Alan Furey

Thanks Jacob! I ran a few races a few years ago, and as usual I went out too fast. This time I am running with my Mother-in-Law. She's going to pace us both so we can finish under 30 minutes. She'll make sure I don't go out too fast! I appreciate your support! I can't wait to report a great running time in next week's column!