Snacks can help a child with ADHD

FIT Staff
Oct 16, 2013

Q: My child has been diagnosed with ADHD; how can I help him study at home this school year?

A: According to Lisa Horchler, director of speech therapy at Firelands Regional Medical Center, “he challenge we face with ADHD is to get children focused on the task they are to complete. 

They need to be given time after school to relax before doing homework. 

Giving them a snack helps also, as they may be thirsty and hungry, and will focus on that until they have their snack. 

You also need to provide some play/exercise activity so they can release energy and unwind from their school day. 

While school may be fun and challenging to children, it can also be stressful for a child with ADHD. 

Once it is time to start on homework, you need to provide them with a quiet place to study with no distractions – turn off the radio and TV! 

Give them a schedule to follow:  you can use a timer so they can see how much time they will be working on homework before they get a break. 

Adjust the time spent studying according to their age and attention span. 

Once you take a break, then move on to the next subject, again setting a time limit. 

Consistency is key to helping them adjust to a schedule.  If your child fidgets a lot, or is unable to complete their work, you can work with speech and occupational therapists and their teacher to establish routine and expectations”.




discipline is the only answer. my child too has ADHD, an over diagnosed disease. giving a child what he or she wants is as ridiculous an answer as it can possibly get.


ADHD is a neurological problem, not a discipline problem.
Go to Staples or Pat Catans and buy several of the bright, fluorescent poster boards. Use these on the table or desk, with the school paper/book on top. The bright color "catches" their eye and pulls their attention back to the book/paper when they become distracted. It's a simple and inexpensive tool that is very effective. You will need to change out the colors as your child becomes used to them, either daily or several times a session depending on the severity of his ADHD.