4:17 PM Apr 9, 2013

As we are getting outside a little more, this is a super easy grilling recipe.  We offer this in our summer camp classes at EHOVE to 5th - 8th graders.  They love it!

Lemon chicken                

3:30 PM Mar 26, 2013

This is a great side dish.  Red rice has a nutty flavor and a toothsome bite.  You may also make this recipe with brown or black rice.  If using white rice, reduce the cooking time to 20 minutes total.

3:50 PM Mar 19, 2013

Although spring starts this week, the weather is still chilly enough for some bone-warming food. These pork tenderloins have a hint of spring with their cherry glaze, though. We can only hope that if we eat spring-like foods, the warm weather will come. 

3:48 PM Mar 12, 2013

This is an easy little low-fat chicken recipe that freshens up the midwinter doldrums.  I like it best with a little couscous.

Chicken with Peaches and Red Wine Sauce 

Serves 4  

3:16 PM Feb 25, 2013

Here is a nice, easy fish recipe for Lent or for a weeknight dinner.  Tilapia is available year-round fresh or frozen.  It has a mild flavor similar to walleye or perch. 

3:00 PM Feb 19, 2013

Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help promote a healthy metabolism an reduces inflammation. Look for salmon that looks moist and has good color. Its flesh should be firm and spring back when touched. 

Orange and Rosemary Glazed Salmon

2:01 PM Feb 5, 2013

Here's a taco dip that won't actually require running for the border (as in burning off calories). This is a great recipe for groups who are looking for options for low-calorie snacks and meals.

Good-For-You Taco Dip
Serves 12

11:29 AM Jan 29, 2013

The Super Bowl is as much about snack foods as it is about the game and the commercials. These chicken kabobs are rich in taste and antioxidants, but low in calories and fat.



Spiced chicken kabobs
Makes eight full skewers

10:32 AM Jan 15, 2013

Try this Hoisin BBQ chicken for a half-time snack that won't make you look like a linebacker.