New job makes it harder to eat small meals every two hours

FIT Staff
Sep 24, 2013

The past few weeks have been tough on me.

It has been a struggle to get adjusted to my new job and stick with my FIT commitments.

I have had scheduling issues with the hours I work and the hours I was going to the gym.

My personal trainer Shawn Zahel of NOMS and I will have to plan out a new schedule so we can meet up at different times throughout the week.

We are working a lot of mandatory overtime so it's hard for me to know my weekly schedule more than two days ahead of time.

The other part that is hard to do is to stick with the eating small meals every two hours to keep my metabolism firing.

When I work a eight-hour shift, we only get two short breaks.

It's hot in the plant and by the time I get a break, I am not even in the mood to eat.

I do work a fast-paced job and drink a lot of water.

I still eat healthy, but I hope eating one or two meals a day isn't hurting my weight loss.

We are almost done with the overtime, though, so Shawn and I can get back on schedule.

I want to get back to the gym and lose as much weight as I can before the upcoming 5K at the end of October.

Sometimes our personal lives and other commitments get in our way of our goals. All that we can do is adapt and overcome these challenges. No excuses, I WILL get back into the gym and continue on my weight-loss journey!