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Feltner's brothers, friends coming to FIT Fright Challenge 5K

FIT Staff
Oct 15, 2013

Another week has passed by and things are still going good.

I am preparing for the upcoming 5K on Oct 27th.

I have been walking daily to get my endurance up.

Both this weekend and the past weekend, I went out of town for a couple of car shows and did a lot of walking around.

I am both nervous and excited for the 5K.

I am still at a heavy weight and the 5K will be challenging for me, but I am looking forward to completing and overcoming another big obstacle.

I know I will push myself and make it to the finish line.

A few of my friends and my brothers want to do the 5K with me so I will have a huge "support" group by my side cheering me on. 

The diet is still going well.
I do the best I can with the schedule I have.
It's hard to eat at two-hour intervals, but I am still eating healthy and drinking water.
I will continue to lose weight no matter if it's 20 pounds per week or 1 pound per week.
Losing weight is losing weight. As long as I don't gain weight, I'm happy.