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Feltner's 'FIT Challenge' will continue indefinitely

FIT Staff
Dec 24, 2013

This past week has went pretty well for me.

I have got the soreness of my feet under control and I got back in the gym.

I weighed myself and I was happy to see 446.

That is a total of 83 pounds lost so far.

We only have two weeks left of the challenge.

Luckily, I am off work for the next two weeks for plant shutdown.

I told my NOMS trainer Shawn Zahel that I want to be in the gym every day for the two weeks and at least hit a total of 100 pounds lost.

Even if I hit the goal or come up short, I know I have a long way to go still.

My "FIT Challenge will continue on indefinitely. Thank you for all of your support.