Feltner loses 21 pounds in one week

FIT Staff
Jul 16, 2013

I hope everyone is doing good so far in the challenge.

As week 2 comes to an end, I'm excited to start week 3.

My personal trainer Shawn Zahel and I have been hitting the gym and when we aren't working out together, I have been taking a walk.

I have continued on my diet and it is actually getting easier to tolerate. I don't even miss any of the pop, sugar and other stuff that is bad for you. I have even went out a couple nights with friends to see a band play and drank water all night. 

Although the diet is getting easier, the workouts are getting tougher.
On Wednesday, we started some circuit and resistance training. Basically I lift light weights and do the reps as fast as I can and as many reps as I can for a 45-second cycle.
I love lifting weights. I did it in high school and after high school. I missed it and I am glad to be back at it.
I didn't miss this soreness. though lol. I could barely lift my arms for a couple of days. It's all worth it, though, and I know over the next few weeks my arms will strengthen up again and the soreness will go away. Just need to get my grove back. 
When we got my initial weigh-in, I started the FIT Challenge at 529 pounds. I weighed myself this Thursday and the scale read 508. That is 21 pounds I have lost in one week.
That is with only a couple workouts with Shawn, me taking a walk each day and eating healthy.
I am now motivated more than ever to see big numbers each week. Time to kick it into high gear!


VTX Rider

Nice work!!! Keep it up.