UPDATED AGAIN: I'm gonna be (50 miles)

Jason Werling
Oct 7, 2013

UPDATED: 13.1 down, 36.9 to go. Sunday was the Rock & Roll half marathon in Cleveland and although it rocked, I didn't roll through it. I did get by with a little help from my friends as a group of us drove up and then I met up with a couple college buddies to run the race with. We kept up with the pace we wanted for the first 10 miles, but the mileage and the hills caught up with us and we were lucky to still be running at the end. It was a tough course, but a good time and I'm looking forward to Kelleys Island where the race will still be the same distance, but flatter.

This weekend is the Friends & Family 5k Run and walk, I might be sitting this one out, but that doesn't mean you should. Click the link below for the registration form.

When I wake up, Well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who wakes up in my shoes
When I go out, Well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who runs along a route
If I get tired, well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who gets tired on the route.
And if I'm slow...

You can thank me for that song playing in your head for the rest of the day. Or you can watch the video below.

I can't imagine "being" 500 miles, but I'll settle for 50 by the end of the year. In past blogs I have stated that I never wanted to run for over an hour. I've been able to stick with that mantra by running in 5k and 10k races up to this point. There was one hiccup with what felt like a whole day competing in the Tough Mudder last year.

Unless I can run a half-marathon in under an hour this Sunday, I will be breaking that mantra at the Rock & Roll race this weekend in Cleveland.

So why would I bring up an 80's song that it still playing in your head?

I'm gonna run 50 miles, just not all at once.

The plan is to run the Rock & Roll half (13.1 miles), the Friends and Family 5k or the Perkins Lady Cross Country 5k (3.1 miles), the Kelleys Island half (13.1 miles), The Christmas Story 10k, (6.2 miles), Turkey Trot 5k (3.1 miles) and the Santa Hustle half (13.1 miles). all links posted below.

For all you non-math majors out there, myself included, that's 51.7 miles of racing. (I used a calculator.)

Wish me luck and be sure to join us at the FIT Fright Challenge 5k later this month. This is one race I will be running, but not in the racing sense.

Upcoming Races

Sunday, September 29: Photos from Mason's Walk/Run
Sunday, October 6: Rock & Roll Half Marathon, Cleveland
Saturday, October 12: Friends and Family 5K Run/Walk, Sandusky
Sunday, October 20: Perkins Lady Cross Country Halloween 5k and Fun Run, Perkins High School
Sunday, October 20: Pumpkin Walk/Run/Roll, Osborn Park
Sunday, October 27: FIT Fright Challenge, Norwalk Reservoir (Download the registration form below)
Sunday, November 10: The Police Chase Half-Marathon, Kelleys Island
Thursday, November 28: Turkey Trot 5k, Perkins Township
Saturday, December 7: A Christmas Story 5k/10k, Cleveland
Sunday, December 15: Santa Hustle 5k and Half-Marathon, Sandusky

Area race calendars
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Fremont Elite Runners (Group runs and meetings every third Wednesday)