Here's mud in your ear, some upcoming races and events

Jason Werling
Feb 6, 2013

If you finished the race without getting mud in every crevice of your body, nose and ears, then you didn't try hard enough. Several of the races on this week's list include mud and obstacles.

The Warrior Dash is a popular race that had two stops in Logan and N. Lawrence last year. The Logan race was a bit more uphill and N. Lawrence at Clay's Resort was a bit more spread out. Another race similar to Warrior Dash was the Survival Race near Toledo last year. This year's race is in Columbus. I ran in the Survival Race last year (before and after photos are posted above.) If you had to pick one, I would recommend the Warrior Dash, you can't beat having a turkey leg and a beer after a good run. And if the 5k isn't enough for you, run it again. All of the clean runners get a kick out of seeing someone muddy from head to toe in line with them.

The Tough Mudder is a longer race where the possibility of being shocked with electricity exists throughout the course. I'd like to do a Tough Mudder, but someone will have to front me the money for the registration fee that keeps going up as it gets closer to the race date.

 The KLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Bike Ride meets up at BGSU Firelands on Sunday, May 5. I saw the name of the race and just like you thought, "huh?" It must be a biking thing, but the letters spell out...Kinda Like May's Nine O'Clock Picturesque and Quaint Rectangular Spring Tour Undertaken by Very Wishful Xenophobic Young Zealots. I might have to show up just to find out what they made out of the first part of the alphabet.

A couple 5k's are coming up next weekend including Cupid's Undie Run, and yes, you are expected to run in your underwear in February.

As always, send me any races, events or tournaments you would like me to add to the list. Send them to


Upcoming events (click on the race for more information)
Saturday, February 16: Cupid's Undie Run, Cleveland
Saturday, February 16: Chili Bowl Classic, Cleveland
Saturday, March 2: Road Apple Run 5K, Ashland
Saturday, March 2: The Survival Race, Columbus
Saturday, March 23: Christie Lane 5K, Norwalk (Information attached below)
Saturday and Sunday, April 27/28: Tough Mudder, Mansfield
Sunday, May 5: KLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Bike Ride, Huron
Saturday, May 18: Maumee Valley Tri-Adventure Race, Defiance
Saturday, June 1: Warrior Dash, Butler
Sunday, June 9: Kelleys Island 5k/10k
Saturday, June 15: 35th Annual Camelback 5k/10k, Fremont
Saturday, June 15: Savage Race, Zanesfield
Saturday, June 22: Team Jenny 5k, Fremont
Sunday, June 23: Norwalk Century Bicycle Ride (419) 663-6775.
Saturday & Sunday, June 29/30: Bike MS Reeves Northrup Memorial Bike to the Bay, Maumee
Sunday, July 20: White Star Triathlon, Gibsonburg
Saturday and Sunday, August 10/11: Warrior Dash, N. Lawrence

Area race calendars
Firelands Area Runners
Fremont Elite Runners (Group runs and meetings every third Wednesday)



You forgot Color me Rad in C'bus

Jason Werling

Thanks msmous, there is also a Humane Society 5k Run/Walk on April 13 I will add as well.


For the Tough Mudder - contact them and see if they'll let you run under a "Media" pass. They'll sponsor your registration fee, provided you write, blog, whatever, about it. My cousin's wife has a blog, and got a group of us in that way last April. Plus, you're not tied to a wave. You can run whenever. Just a thought, and the Mudder is quite the experience! Already have my pass for this April!

Jason Werling

Thanks spin35, I will look into it. There may be a GoPro involved and the coverage of some local runners if I can pull it off.