Saylor: 'I've been letting myself slack'

FIT Staff
Sep 25, 2013

I can't believe how fast these weeks seem to be flying by.

Between work, working out and short trips out of town, I've barely had time to relax. 

I'm refocused and picking myself up.

I'm ready for boot camp to start back up, and I'm ready to get out and start walking all the time again.

I've been letting myself slack and that is no longer acceptable.  

I've not been letting myself stress over all of the little things.

Stressing will only cause unneeded problems.

I need to keep myself away from the negative people and comments, I can't let the negativity get into my head.

My diet has been going well still; being on midnights is better than I thought it would be for my life change. 

I'm eating a lot more salads than anything. 

As always I hope Brian, Nick, and Sharon are doing well.  I'm proud of you all!