Saylor recommits ... again

FIT Staff
Oct 2, 2013

I feel so much better.

I have such a new sense of determination.

I have joined the YMCA.

I don't have to worry about not getting my workout in, since I live almost across the street from there.  It is such a positive atmosphere. 

My new plan is to eat what I know is good for me; I know my limits and I will be pushing myself to them. 

I can't allow negative people and personalities to discourage me.  They are no longer allowed to be around me! 

I will be making myself walk every morning, no excuses. 

Becoming healthy is going to be something that I will be focusing on. I know I haven't done well so far the past three months, and I'm sure some people question my commitment to this challenge. I did too when people made me doubt myself. 

This next month is going to be about me stepping up and doing what I promised to start three months ago. 

And between boot camp, walking and working out at the YMCA, I think I have a better chance of succeeding and reaching my goal.

To my fellow contestants, great job on your continued success; you all are amazing!

Editor's note: Chelsea has decided to forgo her free training and gym membership at Curves. She believes she will be happier and get better results working out on her own.



You should come see us Chelsea.