Saylor says she can do better on her own

FIT Staff
Oct 9, 2013

I have decided to no longer do my workouts at Curves. 

I am appreciative of the opportunity that the gym has given me, but there were some differing views.  

I am working out at the YMCA four to five days a week, along with boot camp workouts each week!

I am getting a great amount of cardio every week. 

I feel amazing with how I'm doing, and I have a great group of people supporting me.  

I am doing my own meal plans and, besides bootcamp workouts, I am doing my own workout of schedule of walking, using an elliptical, stationary bike and weights.  

My meals consist of a type of meat (whether it be beef, chicken, turkey or fish), vegetables and fruit. 

I am also doing protein shakes and LOTS of water. 

I am allowing one day a week of rest, and no days off from my meal plan. 

I feel that I'm going to do better now that I can do this my own way.  I've found my niche and am sticking to it. 

I'm more positive about what I'm doing, and about how I'm doing.  This is about me and changing my life. 

This is NOT a temporary change; I won't let it be.  

I hope everyone else is doing well. I know some of us are facing some major changes, but we will make it through.


The Answer Person

I assume that Curves was allowing you to do your workouts for free at their location? I am sure that there are good reasons for their "differing views"...a vague and negative coment on your part.

Erie Countian

I do not like to attack Ms. Saylor, but I would like to give a shout-out to the owner and the staff at Curves, who are nothing but supportive and encouraging to all their members. I feel Ms. Saylor's remarks are a slap in the face to Curves and the people who tried to help her there. Ms. Saylor is painting a very unfair picture of Curves. I have been a member of Sandusky Curves for years. I have lost a great deal of weight and have kept it off with regular workouts, as have many other women over the years. The support of the owner and staff (and the camaraderie with other members) is invaluable. I know from experience that it is certainly difficult to commit to making a life change. You must be very serious about it and the going does indeed get tough. I'm sorry that Ms. Saylor evidently wasn't ready, and didn't take full advantage of a free membership by giving it her all. But she shouldn't blame Curves for her lack of success! I feel Ms. Saylor just didn't like being told she needed to work out regularly and follow the program! The truth hurts! I wish her success on her own, but it would be interesting to read a follow-up report in 6 months to see how she is doing. No offense, but I often worked out at the same time as Ms. Saylor did at Curves, and I find it hard to believe she is now working out at a strenuous "boot camp" AND at the YMCA, as she had trouble doing the Curves circuit training without a definite struggle. Anyway, good luck to her.


If you go back and read her blogs, she has an excuse for everything. One blog talks about if she's bloated, well as women we unfortunately do get bloated once a month. Another talks of her boyfriend and his truck driving job, then her family was in town, then she was sick, she was sore/hurt. It's excuse after excuse. A personal trainer isn't there to be your best friend. They are there to make sure you work out and follow a plan. What angers me is she took this opportunity away from someone who truly needed it and wanted it. If you can go it alone great, but if you can go it alone, why did you enter the challenge to begin with? Great job and a pat on the back to Curves for trying to help someone who obviously didn't want the help.