Saylor relishes in joy of finishing first 5K

FIT Staff
Oct 30, 2013

My first 5K is done. 

My time was just over 57 minutes.

It was amazing and so much fun!

I feel three things

1. Accomplished

2. Proud of myself

3, Very sore!! Hills are not my friends!!

My goal for the next FIT 5K (Yes, I will be there!!) is to get my time under 50 minutes. 

It's very doable and as soon as I can walk again, I am going to keep training for it!

See more photos from the FIT Fright Challenge 5k HERE

I feel like I'm doing well,  and is just a matter of time before I lose the weight I need to.

I'm happy again.  I am heading down this path and starting to figure out what I need to do to keep myself happy. 

It has been a difficult few months recently with everything changing for me, but change doesn't happen overnight. 

It's a slow process that taking time to adjustment. 

The changes that happen have to be tweaked to meet what the person needs them to. 

I am so proud of the four of us. 

We showed up at the 5K and all of us did great. 

We may not have completed it in the fastest time, but we completed it!

We did something that may have been outside if our comfort zone.  Great job!



Congratulations! I wish you continued success. It sounds like you are determined. Don't give up!

Peachy Keen

Congrats to you. However, it doesn't seem fair to the other FIT challenge members that you are no longer being held accountable to anyone as far as this challenge goes once you quit Curves. You only have to answer to yourself, unlike the others. No weigh-ins to prove your progress like the other contestants must do. So, have you actually lost any pounds? I'd find it hard to believe that you haven't if you are indeed doing all you say you're doing! Just curious! Good luck.