Saylor gives up pasta

FIT Staff
Nov 13, 2013

Another week down, more personal progress made.  

This week: Portion Size

I never really used to pay a whole lot of attention to my portion size.  I never knew how much I use to overeat ... AND it was by a lot!

I’ve been adding more and more vegetables to my daily intake. 

I’ve always liked veggies, but I’m starting to cut out more things like potatoes and bread.  I’m hoping that this helps me more.  

I still eat rice, but I rarely have noodles anymore, and that is a big thing for me.  Noodles were a staple in my family’s kitchen and part of me wants that comfort food.

I am learning so many things about living a healthier life and with it taking so long to learn these key points, I feel like it will be easier for me to stick with these for the long haul.  

As I said, this isn’t just a few-month-sort-of-thing; this is a life-long, life-changing-sort-of-thing.  This is for the future; This is for MY future.  

It’s so easy to fall into bad habits, that each time you do, it’s harder and harder to get back to the good ones. 

I’m not letting myself fall into those anymore.  I’m picking myself up and moving forward.