Saylor tired of 'bullying'

FIT Staff
Jan 1, 2014

I have been struggling to lose weight; that is no secret. 

But people who constantly talk about me in a negative manner is a huge problem, almost like bullying. 

The scale isn’t the only thing that determines progress. 

You should be ashamed of yourself for saying that I took an opportunity away from someone else. 

This wasn’t an opportunity to only lose weight, this was an opportunity to learn.

My only regret is that people are so quick to judge by only what they read; however, that is what our society’s opinion is based on.  

This past week, with the holiday and the activity in the area causing work to be busy, has been stressful, and I am learning how to properly manage my stress. 

I am glad that I have been keeping my snacking to a minimum. 

I did not overeat on the holiday, and I am proud of myself. 

I am still eating less and less. 

I am not drinking any pop anymore;  pastas and breads are at a minimum, and  fruits and veggies are almost half of what I consume daily. 

In the past six months I have gained something, a thick skin. 

No longer do I care what anyone else has to say about me. 

Say what you will, you’re the one who has to go on knowing that you put someone else down for having a struggle.

I am going to keep trying to lose weight, and hope to one day be able to say that I finally did lose what I have been hoping to lose this whole time.



Dont Worry Be Happy

Don't ever worry about what others say. People are mean. Be happy for yourself that you have taken a wonderful direction for a new and improved you, but most of all do it for your yourself. Stay focused on positive!!!! Kindness will kill the bully. Good luck!


I can't wait until we get new fit challengers and last year's contestants stop whining. Change yourself before you expect anyone else to change.

Erie Countian

Ms. Saylor, I'm sorry if you think you were somehow "bullied". I'm sorry you feel that way. But I think you need to be honest with yourself AND the Fit challenge people AND those of us who follow the very PUBLIC journey of the contestants. YOU decided to sign up for this challenge knowing you would be scrutinized publicly. But unlike the others in the challenge, you were accountable to NO ONE after you dropped out of Curves. It was not fair to the others whose successes AND failures were shared for all to see. If you REALLY did all the things you say you have done since going it alone, you would certainly have something positive to show for it. But according to today's Register, you have not lost anything...inches OR pounds... in 6 months. I do not write this to bully you, but you must be honest with YOURSELF and realize that you have not really given this your all and are not ready to. I hope you will be successful sometime, but quit blaming others for your hurt feelings and stop making excuses! It's taken me 10 years to lose 60 pounds. I had to make a lifestyle change and stick with it. Many times I falter, but I keep trying. It is not ever easy.I hope you will reach a point where you are serious about your committment and will reap the benefits of a healthier life. Good luck.