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Saylor admits making 'not-so-wise' food choices

FIT Staff
Jul 10, 2013

This has been a great past week.

My workouts are on schedule, and in addition to working out I have been walking at the Ohio Veterans Home almost every day.

I normally walk around twice; if anyone needs a place to walk, I highly suggest checking out OVH.

I'm doing well with what I'm eating, but I've also made some not-so-wise choices, and I will admit that. 

This will take some getting used to before I make all of the right choices. 

My downfall is being hungry when I get off work at 11 p.m. That is when the damage is done.

It needs to be Thursday, so that I can get my Zumba on at Curves! My friend Ashley and I are going; I think there will be more laughing going on than dancing! 

I have two weeks until my oldest brother, his wife, and there kids come home to visit from Japan, where he is stationed.

I hope that my fellow FIT Challengers Sharon, Brian, and Nick are doing well with their workouts and everything.  We are all in this together!