Saylor: 'I truly hope I can succeed at this'

FIT Staff
Jul 17, 2013

Besides not feeling well in the beginning of the past week, it started out as any other;  I was doing well and then everything happened at once. 

Both, my shoulder and ankle started to hurt, but I’m chalking that up to working out so much.  

The boyfriend left this past weekend for his first load driving to Tennessee in a semi-truck, so I’m dealing with the haywire emotions that come with the beginning of him being on the road.

Dieting and working out will be easier now, though.  Since he doesn’t eat vegetables and I love them, I just have to shop for me now!  

I’m trying to throw myself into this 200 percent, but this past week was just a little difficult. 

Along with my 4 Curves workouts, I’m going to make myself walk every day this week.  Hopefully I can finish "Week 1 – Day 1 of Couch to 5K." I’ve made attempts, but have yet to get through it.

Oh and Zumba Thursday’s are AWESOME!!!!!!  It left me sore as all get out, but it was still awesome!! :-)

I truly hope I will succeed at this.  I don’t want to fail! I can’t fail! and I don’t think my support system will let me (even with one of them being 11 hours away).  

My wishes for my fellow contestants are that they are having an easier time than I am.  Don’t worry, I’ll catch up with y’all!