Sadly, Saylor no longer fits on roller coasters

FIT Staff
Jul 31, 2013

This has been an absolutely crazy past week.  My family visited and we all had a blast.  

Between my mother’s birthday dinner and Cedar Point and everything else, I didn’t make as many bad decisions as I thought I would, but I could’ve made some better ones. 

Now it’s time to get bad to being focused and disciplined.  My vacation is over and that is going to dramatically help with my diet. 

You don’t know how much you may walk on average during any given day, especially on days that you may go to the mall, park or zoo. 

When I went to Cedar Point, I walked more than 19,000 steps and that was almost 8 miles.  Yeah! 8 MILES! 

Since I don’t fit on roller coasters anymore, I spent time waiting for my family who were all in line. 

That was NOT a good feeling, especially when my nephews started asking why I wasn’t riding rides. 

I used the excuse that someone had to stay off the rides and sit with the baby of the group (2 years old), and since I didn’t fit on the rides anymore I volunteered myself.  That was a difficult pill to swallow, let me tell you that. 

My workouts are going well, I’ve only made it to three of the four days the past two weeks, which I regret, but that will be changing. 

I need to get back into the walking. I’ve been slacking off, but that’s OK I think going to Cedar Point made up for that.  

I am becoming happy with myself, but I need to focus and stop letting emotions win the food battle.