Cottier is first high-schooler to compete in the FIT Challenge

Jan 1, 2013

These past couple of days have been pretty hectic. I'm extremely happy that the holiday season is starting to come to a close.

I had my first FIT Challenge meeting and I was nervous and excited at the same time. We got the chance to meet the trainers and the past members of the FIT Challenge. It was nice to talk to them and to listen to what they had to say about the challenge.

The next six months are going to be crazy with school, the challenge and upcoming television shows. I'm tired of being in pain because of my weight. My feet and back hurt on a daily basis. It's time that I kicked this weight loss thing into high gear.

I have many years to live and I want to feel good about myself when I get older. I can't wait to get into the NOMS Fitness Center and to start working out.

I have a workout buddy (former contestant Leah Collins) and it'll be nice to talk about geeky stuff while we work out.

So this is my first blog of many to come. Here's to an exciting six months.


Alan Furey

Good luck Cole!


You got it Cole!