Cole gets sick, stays home from gym

Jan 15, 2013

Last week was exhausting. It was exam week and on top of that I got the flu. I felt so miserable and unproductive.

I ended up staying home from NOMS on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I went back to the gym on Saturday. I was feeling a little better, but I felt really drained. I had a handful of tissues in my pocket while I worked out. I was really grumpy during my workout with my personal trainer Shawn Zahel.

Shawn wanted me to do lunges. I thought I could do it, after all I have pretty strong legs. After the fifth lunge, I was ready to go home and sleep. My muscles started to cramp up and that’s when I realized I probably should have just stayed home.

After the lunges, we did some other exercises with a body bar. When we got done, Shawn wanted me to try to do a push-up. I was exhausted by this point and I couldn’t even do one. I felt horrible.

We moved on to doing exercises on a fitness ball. That was difficult at first, but I got the hang of it. I felt really sore and tired after my workout at NOMS. My legs and arm muscles felt like noodles when Sunday came around. It hurt to get up and move around.

Hopefully, this flu will be gone when this blog is posted. I’ve already gone through about five tissues, just in the time it took me to write this blog.


Craig Wessels

Keep it up Cole! It WILL get easier.....then you won't be able to NOT be at the gym.