Cottier falls victim to carb attack

FIT Staff
Apr 2, 2013

This past week wasn’t my best week.

I slipped up on my diet and only went to the gym three times.

It was Spring Break and it was a pretty busy week. We went to Crocker Park on March 26 and hit Detroit on Wednesday. While we were in Detroit, we visited the infamous Hardcore Pawn. We saw the majority of the cast working behind the counter. It was a really neat to see them all.

When that was done we visited the Henry Ford Museum. The best thing about the Henry Ford Museu was seeing the chair that Lincoln was assassinated in.

My diet suffered greatly. We ate out a lot and we had pizza twice. I tried my best with picking out what to eat when we went through the drive-thru. I stayed away from pop, but I did fall victim to some fries.

It was really struggling with my diet when it came to pizza. I absolutely love pizza and trying to watch the amount I consumed was really tough. I tried to stick with four pieces and I felt bad eating four. Slices of pizza are carb-attacks (carb heart attack) waiting to happen.

This week, I’ll be back in my regular routine and I think that's what I need. I only went to the gym three times this past week and that just messed everything up. I usually go to the gym about six-seven  times a week.

I am down 25 pounds and I’m shooting for 35 pounds by the end of April. I hope everyone had a nice Easter. 


Estrella Damm

You had your off week, now jump back on that weight loss train young man.