Wessels excited about next two months

Oct 29, 2012

Again, I’m writing about a week in which I didn’t get to the gym as much as I’d like.
I worked out twice this past week, but I’m ending this week feeling much more excited about the upcoming two months.  I’ve got a pretty good routine going with regards to getting to the gym in the mornings.  I’m ensuring that I have my work clothes packed in my gym bag, as well as everything that I need to get ready once I’m finished working out.
Both days that I was at the gym this past week, I warmed up on the bike and then hit the weights as hard as I can.  In recent weeks, I’ve tried (with some success) to increase the weight that I’m using in each of my sets.  One of the tradeoffs has been that I’ve been able to only do two sets of what I’m doing, rather than the three I’d grown accustomed to.
I donated blood on Friday, and had our final home football game to call on Friday evening.  As a result, I took this weekend off from the gym, allowing me to close out my classes grades as the first grading period also ended on Friday.  I’ve got lots of great projects to go through, and took care of about one-third of them prior to the Browns game starting.  I’ll be back at it as soon as they finish.
As far as food goes, this was a pretty good past week, including lots of salad (every day for lunch).  My wife made about five dozen of her cupcakes this week (all of them left the house), and I stayed strong.  I did, however, have a small bowl of the leftover mac and cheese that she made for work earlier in the week.  It was pretty tasty, but I’m confident that I got that “cheat” out of my system.