Wessels talks strategy with fellow FIT contestant

Nov 5, 2012

Well this week held a bit a triumph for me.  I made it to the gym three days in a row.  I’ll be honest, I can’t remember the last time that that has happened.  It’s been at least two months.
While I’ve been pretty frustrated over the past couple months, I felt as though this week was a bit of a breakthrough.  I think it is something that I can build upon.  I worked through my “homemade” circuit for the first time in a couple of months, and I have to admit that it kicked my butt.  I was supposed to go to a friend’s house for a Halloween party on Friday night, but when I got home from the gym, I sat down on the couch and promptly fell asleep.
The second half of the FIT Challenge has been exactly that, a challenge.  I’ve had a couple of problems, I guess. The first one is the fact that I’m not really “competing” against anyone at this time, and I’ve had a difficult time keeping that “competitive edge” that I had during the first half of the competition.
While I’m working hard when I can get to the gym, I’ve not pushed myself as hard as I did earlier in the year.  I’ve got to really work at finding ways to motivate myself to work harder when I am at the gym.
I had a great discussion with FIT Challenger Steve Wilson on Saturday, and he knows that I’m frustrated.  As a former world champion power lifter, he knows his stuff, and he suggested that I change up my morning routines and do more cardio/circuit work, rather than hitting the heavier weights in the mornings, as I’ve been doing recently.
As I’ve previously mentioned, my biggest problem is still logistics.  Just getting to the gym has been problematic.  This week doesn’t seem to be very conducive toward allowing me to get to the gym when I need to, as I’ve got three nights this week in which we’ve got state playoff competition at Firelands Regional Medical Center Stadium.
Two of the three games are soccer matches, which are state semi-final games, so I know these will be the last soccer matches of the season.  Add in my Model UN groups meeting on Thursday night, and I’ve got a hectic week ahead of me.  My hopes are that I can get to the gym another three times this month, although, I doubt that it will happen three days in a row again.