Wessels sits in a room with 25 pizzas - and doesn't eat a slice

Dec 17, 2012

Well, I had one of my more difficult situations of the year.  I had my 50 Model UN students with me in Columbus last week.  On Monday night, I got pizza for the kids, which I had waiting back upstairs after they finished their “International Celebration.”
To make a long story short, I had 25 pizzas stacked up in my classroom waiting for the kids to make their way back upstairs to get them out of there.  The pizzas and I were left upstairs (unsupervised) for about 20 minutes, and I’m proud to say that I didn’t have a single slice.  I must admit that I had some rather weird dreams that night, as I dreamt that I was traveling through Italy.  Strange. 
I feel as though that was a pretty significant accomplishment, as I can vividly remember last year’s Model UN (which was before I signed up for the Challenge) and I put a serious dent in one of the pizzas.  That was, in fact, the last time that I had pizza.
The group stopped on the way to and from Columbus at McDonald's, and I found something on the menu that was both good and pretty healthy.  I had their Southwest chicken salad (with no dressing or sauce on the chicken, and it was very, very good).  I haven’t been in a fast-food restaurant (where I got something for myself) since last December, so it was good to know that I could actually enjoy.


Yellow Snow

You should very PROUD! You allowed yourself to be put to the ultimate test, you blew past it and passed. I don't know any one who could resist at least a snitch of cheese and topping.

Morgan Addingto...

Well done! That is unbelievably impressive!