Wessels still trying to change that second number on scale

Oct 15, 2012

Alright, after the most frustrating week of the year, with me not getting to the gym at all, I made a bit of a “command” decision regarding getting back on track.  I got to the gym three days this past week (not enough, I know…but a start) including two days in which I got to the gym at 5:30 a.m.

I’m not able to do everything that I want in the morning, but I am able to get a solid 60-70 minutes of work in before hitting the shower.  On both mornings, I was able to knock out 15 miles on the bike. On Saturday morning, I got in 5 miles on the bike, then went through three sets of 12 at about 15 different weight stations.  I hadn’t lifted in a couple of weeks, but it felt great to get back at it.

I’ve only been to the gym that early a few times in the past year, but I think that I could grow accustomed to being there that early.  It does take some serious “pre-planning” on my part.  This includes making my lunch for the next day, packing up my work clothes and ensuring that I have all of my schoolwork done so I can get to bed at a much earlier hour than I am accustomed to.  

I had planned on getting to the gym on Wednesday morning, but I didn’t get to bed nearly early enough Tuesday evening, so I missed going that morning.  I’m usually up by 5:45 most mornings, but if I’m going to be hitting the gym at 5:30, it is going to compel me to be getting up at 4:30.

This week is still a bit hectic, with games and meetings, but my after-school schedule begins to clear up a bit, which should allow me to get to the gym with the frequency that I expect.  

I’ve not had the great success that I had hoped during this second six-month period, but I am pretty pleased by the fact that I have continued to drop a bit of weight. I’m still working on getting that middle number changed again.