4:07 PM Apr 24, 2014

The debate between free weights or machines is old.

Ask people in the gym and you will get various answers. Which is better?

It depends on their application and your goals.

4:25 PM Apr 17, 2014

Squatting for strength has been a mainstay in programs for decades.

Squatting is a natural pattern and strengthens powerful muscles for human performance.

3:46 PM Apr 10, 2014

Squatting is a primitive pattern; it is one we learn before we even stand.

A deep squat gets us to that piece of furniture that allows us to grab and move to standing as a toddler.

3:54 PM Apr 3, 2014

Few exercises have as much general taboo as the deadlift.

The standard deadlift involves lifting a loaded barbell off the floor. You start squatting down in front of the barbell and move to standing while holding the bar.

4:06 PM Mar 27, 2014

“I want to lift weights, but I don’t want to get all big and bulky.”

This phrase tends to come from females, but despite who it comes from, it causes frustration to anyone who has tried to gain muscle mass.

3:48 PM Mar 20, 2014

There is a misconception that weight lifting is drastically different for men and women. 

The media has put forth the image of ladies on steppers and guys performing countless bicep curls in the mirror.

4:07 PM Mar 13, 2014

Depending when and where you grew up, you will think of different images when you hear about large thick ropes.

You might envision docking large boats and/or an intimidating rope hanging from the ceiling in gym class.

3:59 PM Mar 6, 2014

A simple handshake can convey many things about people.

It may display if they are nervous, shy or aggressive.

It can also tell you something about their overall fitness.

4:44 PM Feb 27, 2014

Turn on the TV in the morning on the weekend and you are likely to catch an infomercial about a new piece of exercise equipment that will get you a perfect body and cure cancer.

3:40 PM Feb 20, 2014

At a glance, bobsledding appears to be one of the least physically demanding winter sports.

The start is the most important part and requires great strength and power.