Exercise plan must be designed properly

FIT Staff
Nov 21, 2013
Achieving goals in physical training is no different from reaching other goals in life.
There has to be a properly designed plan with an end in mind.
Exercise program design is important to keep making improvements because performing random exercise sessions will only lead to general mediocre level of fitness.
The goal will direct your selection of the components of a program. Your exercises, sets, reps, training frequency, intensity and implements will all differ with your goals. General goals are weight loss, physique and performance.


Performance can be further broken down to sports, martial arts, Olympic lifting, power lifting, and strong man competitions to name a few.


The martial artist is less likely to squat heavy, while the power lifter uses this as the cornerstone of their programming.


Sets and repetitions will then be selected to achieve strength, power, mass or conditioning.


Your training frequency and intensity will correspond, so a power lifter will need more recovery between workouts than someone for general fitness.


Your goal will influence your implement selection. Someone training for fitness could use mostly body weight, while a strong man will need special implements such as Atlas stone and tractor tires to flip. 


In weeks to come, we will take a closer look at these components and general programs.


First the components of a program will be discussed such as sets and reps, periodization, and body part versus whole body days.


Next, general program will be explained including body building, power lifting, Olympic lifting, and functional training.