Here's how to gain lean muscle the right way

FIT Staff
Mar 27, 2014

“I want to lift weights, but I don’t want to get all big and bulky.”

This phrase tends to come from females, but despite who it comes from, it causes frustration to anyone who has tried to gain muscle mass.

To get “big and bulky,” you have to lift and eat a certain way. This typically involves lifting many times a week, alternating between low repetitions of heavy weight and higher repetitions with medium weights.

The bottom line is that it is difficult to get really large, especially for females simply due to their hormonal makeup.

Females who lift weights will gain lean muscle, but most of the perceived “bulkiness” is really fat loss that increases definition.

This is normal and  is more aesthetically appealing to potential mates, according to polls/studies. 

The lower your body fat is, the more definition of the muscles there will be observed.

This will be affected by diet and your genetic makeup.

Genes and the way your body deposits fat can have a large effect on how easy it is to lose fat.  This is true for males and females.

Most people who want to avoid bulkiness make the mistake of lifting light weights while performing 12-15 repetitions of exercises. This will mostly build endurance.

For a person to build muscle, you want to lift heavy weight for 1-8 reps for 3-4 sets in a whole body workout. This will build muscle and the way your body uses that muscles effectively.

Using 8-12 reps for 3 sets and focusing workouts on certain muscle groups is the strategy most people use to add size to muscle. Following these general guidelines will allow you to gain lean muscle.